True Lineage

The preface to the TrueSouth® story goes back over four generations of coffee growing, to our very own plantations in Coorg and Chikmagalur, India's coffee growing capital. Our love for this time-consuming process of growing and brewing filter coffee, is surpassed only by our love of its taste. For many, this is the challenge: everyone loves a good cup of filter coffee, but few have the time to make it. Instant coffee can never be filter coffee, but why can't filter coffee be instant? This is the insight that sparked the birth of TrueSouth®.

True Quality

At our state of the art labs, quality is as pervasive as the flavor of coffee. From picking and roasting beans, to brewing and packaging decoction, each step is held to standards beyond the ordinary. Our estates are home to the finest high-altitude Arabicas and Robustas from Coorg are cautiously processed at our unit in Mysore. Expert roasters judiciously prepare the beans, and cutting-edge machinery transforms the beans into decoction. It's time for a coffee experience unlike any other. It's time for TrueSouth®.