Bold (20 ml sachets x 30)

80% coffee and 20% chicory decoction

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High Quality Coffee

Made from single-origin beans, TrueSouth® decoction offers you a superior filter coffee experience.

So Easy to Make

Finally, true filter coffee that's ready to drink in just three steps. No filter, no mess, no waiting.

Use at your own ease

Not a regular coffee drinker? No worries. With sachets the flexibility to use as per need is yours. Also, absolutely no refrigeration required.

Preparation for a 140 ml cup (represented graphically):
Open a well shaken sachet of TrueSouth®
Add the contents of the sachet to approx. 100 ml of hot milk, with sugar to taste
Pour back and forth a few times for a bolder wholesome flavour
Nutritional information:

Typical values per 100 g

Fat 0.00 g
Sugar 0.00 g
Crude Fibre 0.00 g
Acid Insoluble Ash 0.00 g
Total Ash 0.02 g
Caffeine 0.25 g
Protein 1.06 g
Carbohydrates 5.09 g
Energy 24.60 kcal