True filter coffee at the touch of a button, anytime.
Meet the TrueSouth CoffeeMaker - perfected over four years of design development, with extensive research, testing, and engineering innovation. Finally, an answer to the real coffee needs of restaurants, hotels, cafes, and offices.
Consistent quality with ready-to-use decoction
Stylish form
Four user-friendly dispensing modes
Hot milk / water mode for tea, chocolate and hot beverages
Setup in no time
Low power consumption and operating cost
Effortless auto-clean function
Counters for consumption tracking
One-press cleanse button
Strong service and technical support

Weight - 11.5 kg
Width - 240 mm
Height - 370 mm
Depth - 400 mm
Dispensing Speed - 3 cups / minute
Power Consumption - 1.5 kW