Use TrueSouthTM ready decoction in desserts, cakes, ice-cream and cold coffee
It’s the easiest thing to make a cup of
True South filter coffee!

Heat milk to a rolling boil.
Pour 1 part True South decoction into a cup.
Add 5 parts HOT milk (or milk+water).
Add sugar to taste (or stay sugar-free healthy).

Serve. Make everyone happy!
Café Indulge

• 150ml chilled milk
• 2.5 full tea spoons of condensed milk [milk maid is recommended]
• 0.5 tea spoon of sugar
• 0.75 tea spoon of chocolate sauce [Hershey’s is recommended]
• 15 ml of TrueSouth Decoction

• Blend all the ingredients in a blender for 15 seconds to achieve a homogenous mixture.
• Coat the sides of the long glass with a little bit of chocolate syrup
• Add ice to the long glass, pour the mixture into it and serve it cold
Cold Coffee

• 180ml chilled milk
• 20 ml TrueSouth Decoction
• 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream
• Sugar to taste [ Powdered sugar is recommended ]

• Add the chilled milk, TrueSouth decoction and ice cream in a blender, add the sugar and blend it for 15 seconds
• To make things exciting, 15ml Baileys Irish Cream can also be blended along with the mixture [Tip]
• Add ice to a long glass, pour the mixture into it and serve it cold