A stylish CoffeeMaker for your restaurant counters, an exceptional liquid coffee for à la carte menus, or a delicious, cost-effective blend for banquets - whatever the need, we have solutions to fulfil your coffee requirements. As a coffee partner to some of the country’s most well-known hotel and restaurant chains, we’ve worked with hospitality businesses of all scales and sizes, enabling them to provide a high-quality, cost-effective coffee experience - and one that their guests love.
is designed to serve directly or with the TrueSouth CoffeeMaker & Dispenser.
TRUESOUTHTM COFFEEMAKER for the perfect cup of filter coffee with milk, any time, every time.
TRUESOUTHTM DISPENSER gives you just the right amount of decoction, at the press of a button.
hotels, restaurants & cafes
DISCOVER TrueSouth for your hotel, restaurant, café, fast food outlet, office or showroom - with a range of options. Get energised with the true taste of coffee and serve your guests with the flavour they love.
offices & stores
No expensive contracts. No complex maintenance. No worries. Just great coffee - anytime, every time. The easy-to-use pouch for true filter coffee, personalised to taste. Or enjoy a dependable, delectable experience at the touch of a button, with the coffee-maker and dispenser.